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Hi there NCAA College Fans.... 
12:14pm 27/10/2009
Ok, first off, I have to say, I really have NO IDEA what I am doing with this. Hopefully I can actually post and not screw this up. ;)

Hi readers, My name is Cheri Rocha and I have recently opened an online business at www.yourcollegeteamstore.com. I am specializing in NCAA College teams in the C-USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, and SunBelt Divisions.

My husband was actually the inspiration for this store. He is an alumni of a C-USA school and was just tired of not being able to find merchandise for his school. You could always find stuff for the "Big Schools", or what would be considered the "popular" ones. So we started doing research and found that there are manufacturers that do make this stuff, but not many who will carry or sell it. So that is where Your College Team Store originated.

We are the typical family of 4, with 2 dogs, and a cat. Both our children are school aged and they really do eat up alot of our free time with all their sports and school activites, but we wanted to find something that we could do to help other "Division 1 School Alumni" or (current students) find the items that they want, without having to search and search for someone who makes or sells it.

As I said before, we just JUST OPENED...but, I am adding new items to every school in the C-USA, MAC, WAC, Mountain West, and SunBelt Divisions as I am able to find them. I will try and add new items as often and possible, and post on here what is new, and any promtions that we have that day/week.

I thank you in advance for taking a moment and clicking on our store link above... Please pass it along to your friends and family. The more people I can direct to the site, the higher I can get on those darn search engines... If you find something you like, and maybe it's not in your school, just let me know.. I will do what I can to find it for you.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween this weekend.
02:53pm 20/04/2004
  Please forgive:
X-posted in every FW-TX journal I could find!

laborers needed.
Landscape company.

Starts at
$7.00 with no driver license. and/or no experience.
$7.50 with Driver license.
Experience + driver license + English= crew leader/ foreman= negotiable salary starting at $400 a week- $10 hour and up

4-21-04 (TOMORROW)


7516 Kathy Ln, Benbrook, TX 76126
A map
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Inaugural Post 
01:24am 30/12/2003
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Welcome to the TCU Community! It's just beginning to take shape, so please be patient, a lot of changes will be taking place. The purpose of this community is to provide a place for TCU students and friends to communicate and meet. Please enjoy! And tell your friends...this community is open to everyone! Check the info page for rules or to join the community. We're glad to have you!
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